Vistual stule shaders HOWTO?

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I got the Visual Style Shaders this morning, installed them, and have no idea how to make them work. I doubleclick them from the content directory and - nothing. I render them and - nothing.

I tried to follow Almightyquest's tutorial, but I get stuck at this line:

"Now that this is done, switch back over to the Surfaces tab in Studio and (making sure you are in the “Advanced” view) take a look at our new settings, the ones under the “Toon” heading. " because I can't find any new parameters.

thanks for any and all input!


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    You have to make sure that you have the figure selected in the Scene tab AND the surfaces selected in the Surfaces tab, before applying the Shader. If you do not select both the Figure AND the Surface, the shader will not appear. You will see some change usually in the Preview pane, but the full extent of the shader is not seen until you render it.

    See if that helps.

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    That definitely helps. than you. Can you point me to a more complete how-to or instruction material?

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    Look in your Readme's folder in My Library.... a nice PDF file called ReadMe_14398_VisualStyle-Documentation.

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    there was a PDF with the installation. You can find it in the readme folder

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    thank you both. I don't know why I didn't know that was there.

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