a guitar lead

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click for video

anyone can have, no restrictions, I just like creating and learning things

even one I stuck on ignore for dissing me in another thread

I am not sure how well it will work for others but it is free and you can modify it and redistribute it as much as you like

updated to fix duplicated formulas


my library.zip
leadwith uber.jpg
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    Thanks!  This is very useful.  A strap that functions in the same manner would be much appreciated.

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    Thanks for sharing. Downloaded and tested works with DazStudio v4.10.0.123.

    I see you got the IK-chain thing setup with general weights - is it possible to have the same behavour with TriAx weights?

    You saied no restrictions, I've edited a few things and if you dont mind I like to share an updated version. There is some minor issue with the weightmap I have fixed.

    I also used ERC-Freeze and created a PoseControl Property (Morph-Slider) its simply a slider for posing - to have this cable laying around rolled up - see the render.


    The Weightmap Editing I did

    1. I've switched to the Node Weight Map Brush Tool - Viewport right-click menu: Weight Editing > Fill by Bone Selection Groups (all Face Groups gets filled with 100% weightmaps for their correspondig bones)
    2. Next I've choosen the Geometry Editor - Viewport right-click menu Select All (just to have every Polygon of this figure selected)
    3. Back to the Node Weight Map Brush Tool - I selected the first bone in the Scene pane hirarchy named "Bone" - selected the General Weight in the Tool Settings pane - Viewport right-click menu: Weight Editing > Smooth Selected
    4. in the dialogue 'Smooth Selected Faces' I have choosen 'factor' = 25% and 'itterations' = 12 (just a bit smoothing and the good thing is it smoothes the weightmaps of all bones at once)



    1024 x 1024 - 1M
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  • thanks yes you can share, I am not very good at DAZ studio rigging as I am a Carrara user and could and did easily rig it there

    I actually imported it into Poser then D|S and converted to weightpainting and smoothed it as was all kinky, I really don't know all the ins and outs surprise

    it was an exercise for me to try and get Carrara rigging into D|S and started from a query by Diomede on the Carrara forum about getting his custom figures in,

    I chose the lead as had a bit of flack in another thread from someone who wanted to make one over my Carrara fandom so I decided to rather than speak to that person further about their personal attack on me and get my post removed, just try and take the higher ground and make one myself.

    I have characters in a band so could prove usefull in my animations.

    your workflow will prove helpful as I had no idea how to smooth all the bones, it actually imported each 100% hence the kinkiness and I had posted a thread on that but semi solved it by manually painting smoothing on each bone which was a bit hit and miss, I did not know a faster way until you posted that.

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    Thank you. Nice lead and nice job. Thank you for sharing.

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