In Carrara, a very useful lighting feature is the the ability to direct a light at a single object and exclude the light from all other objects. 

Is there a similar feature in DS?


  • In 3DL yes, in IRAY I don't think so, IRAY try to make it as difficult as possible to do anything that is not "realistic".

  • Light Path Expressions via the Canvasses in the Advanced tab of Render Settings might do what you want.

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    The advanced tab in Render settings only has options for Engine and CPU. Where is the Canvasses option?

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    I got Macroskin for Genesis but didn't notice it was designed for rendering with 3Delight. Rendered in iRay it is like chalk.

    Is there any way to get a more realistic rendering with iRay? Such as lighting or render tweaks.

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  • barrieM said:

    The advanced tab in Render settings only has options for Engine and CPU. Where is the Canvasses option?

    It's a sub-tab of the Advanced tab.

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    I can only find this Advanced button. Is this the sub tab? If so, I don't see the canvasses.

    Advanced button.jpeg
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  • Ah, the style you are using has the inactive tabs and text the same colour as the background (are you using the defaultsd or did you use Window>Style>Customise Style? I thought this had been fixed). Click just to the right of hardware in your screen shot.

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    I used the City limits layout. Thank you, I found Canvasses and I assume LPE is Light Path Expressions. Where to from here? Is there any documentation about Canvasses and their options? What is Canvas1?


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    I found reference to "Light Path Expressions" in the user manual which states the following:

    The Render Settings pane also now provides access to Light Path Expression (LPE), when NVIDIA Iray is set as the active engine. LPEs allow light contributions in the scene to be isolated, or even on a per object basis, which provides full creative control in post production to achieve the desired look.

    This is exactly what I need. Hopefully I will find a tutorial explaining its use.

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    There is a good discussion about LPE here:

    Compared with Carrara it is very complicated. 

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