What features would you like to see appear in dazstudio 5?



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    A helpful feature would be something in the Shaping Tab that would allow the user to easily access all of the moprhs on a character without having to click on each "body part" to see what morphs are available.

    Do not understand what you mean.

    If you go to the "Parameters Tab" and have your figure selected, you will see all the morph dials the figure has, independent of what part of the figure they change.

    Right. That's why I brought up Dial Control, a very useful script to me because it lets me zero in on just one specific part of the body and it's morphs and controls, which can all be altereed from within the script.

    Thanks to everyone for their input.

    Dial Control is similar to what I was describing. However, in a  Genesis 3 and Genesis 8, I can go to the Shaping Tab and find all the morphs.

    I've realized that the issue is with non-genesis characters. Particually the older ones, like EmotiGuy.  You have to go the "head" body part to find all of the morphs to change his expressions. 

    I realize that the technology is continually upgraded and it's great that models from 20+ years ago are still compatable.  Would just be nice if there was a way to standardize locating morphs on the models.


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    Old models are old models, unless you have a DeLorean with a flux capasitor, their design will not change

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