Newbie hardware question: Differences from a better graphics card

I'm getting started on DAZ3D, and I've done a few dozen renders.  My Windows machine can render a scene 600 X 1066 in about 45 minutes.  The problem is, I can't do anything else on the machine while it's going -- the render takes up all the computer's attention.

I've seen the GTX 1080ti recommended in these discussions.  If I get one of those, can I somehow tell the machine to have the graphics card do all the rendering work, so the machine will be responsive and I can do other things while it's rendering?

And how much faster will it go?

And are there any tips about how to configure the machine or DAZ?  Thanks so much!


  • How much faster depends on your current system, but generally a GPU will be several times faster than a CPU - the main issue is whether the scene will fit into the GPU's memory.

    Yes, in the Advanced tab of Render Settings you can enable or disable the CPU and any supported GPUs.

  • alexhcowleyalexhcowley Posts: 1,542

    Based on my own experience with 970s and 1080s, I would expect a 1080ti to make an enormous difference to your render times. Make sure your computer's power supply is up to the job, however.  If your PSU expires from the strain, it could well take your entire system with it. 



  • nicsttnicstt Posts: 7,360

    After making sure the PSU you have is up to the job, just install the Card; NOTE: make sure you motherboard supports the card. Physically: it will fit; Technologically: hardware and software allow it.

    I'd consider using it for rendering only, so continue to use whatever you currently have as the monitor driver.

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