Trying to create new texture map for existing model...

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OK, so this is what I'm trying to do:

I want to re-do the textures for a specific building on a Dystopian City Block. My understanding is that all the texturing on these models is tiled similar to procedural textures. This is limiting for what I'm trying to accomplish as I'd like to make a surface for the windows that has random lights lit-up (created in Photoshop). Since I only need the one building on the block for what I'm doing, I edited the out all the other structures in the .obj using Sketchup. This simplified the problem of multiple buildings sharing textures.

Now, I'm at the point where my lack of modeling skills are preventing me from moving forward. I assume at this point I need to create new UV maps so that specific polygons are assigned to specific texture groups but I can't figure out how to make this happen. I have Hexagon & Sketchup (mostly for converting formats and, hopefully, for texturing eventually) but don't use either much as my primary focus isn't on modeling. Sketchup's texturing tools feel very limited and in-flexible while Hexagon's interface seems like it has a fairly steep learning curve. I'm sure eventually I could learn Hexagon from scratch and figure out how to do it but I'm really not interested in putting my current project on hold for several weeks while learning all the ins and outs of a modeling program when I won't be using it for that so much.

My question, then, is this: is there an easy way to create a new texture map (template, I guess) that I can work with in Photoshop using Hexagon or Sketchup or possibly some other cheap/free program? BTW, the goal is to use the newly textured model in D|S if that makes a difference - I wouldn't assume it does, but then what do I know...

Thanks in advance for any help!



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    Hi Damon, which ever way you look at it you will have to get some rudimentary knowledge of the task at hand, UV mapping. just a quick search in google *uv mapping in Hexagon" returns lots of info.
    As to if there is an easy way, the tools are all there, I do not believe the learning curve is a matter of weeks :) maybe a few hours spent with a clear goal in mind will suffice, It is possible the UV map for your building is still intact, open up a UV window in Hex to check if there is any mesh shown, if you post us some screen grabs of your progress I am sure plenty of members will be along to help, there are some expert mappers around in the forum, I am afraid I am not one of them though.

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    Yeah, there are definitely several ways to go about this. If, like Tapioca says, the UVs are already intact, you could even do it in DAZ Studio with the polygon group editor. It can be done, though slow if there are no face groups established.

    Also, UVMapper is a great program for establishing UVs when there are none. Again, if there are no groups established, it can be tricky but still possible.

    The most efficient way is going to be through your modeler, like you are trying to do. This is because you can choose specific polygons much easier with your modelers selections tools, then assign them to groups which makes assigning materials to those groups easier. Once you have the right groups, you can then rearrange the UV's into easy to texture areas via the modeler, UVMapper, or even DAZ Studio. ZBrush is also very helpful for creating UVs, but not everyone has this program.

    I will be happy to help in any way I can. Unfortunately, I do not use Hexagon so I won't be much help in any specific way there, but I can help with general knowledge.

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    Perhaps this will help - despite the missing screenshots:

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    I tend to cover bits and pieces of uvmapping in Hexagon while making clothing ... here's a recent upload which covers a few pages ;-)

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