Need to know where to put this file for SunSky Clock for iRAY

RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 8,783


I got this freebie for iRAY called the SunSky Clock for iRAY.  I unpacked a BUNCH of zips so when I go to organize them all I found this weird file with no extension so I went one by one through the zip files and found it belonged to that zip but have no idea where to store it.  I'm sure the script needs it.  The main .dse file is compacted so can't read it so kinda lost here.

Thanks for any help for this freebie. 



  • SixDsSixDs Posts: 1,835

    Hey, RAMWolff. I don't know what that file is, exactly, but if you are referring to jag11's script from the forums here, nobody using it seems to have had issues, so you might just try putting everything from the .zip into your DAZ Scripts folder and trying it as-is. Failing that, you could try PMing jag11 directly. (P.S. that .dse file isn't compacted, it's encrypted)

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 8,783

    Thank you.  I meant encrypted.  LOL  Tired brain! 

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