Is good hexagon for...?

Art Noveau architecture  facades and buildings?

Is capable of? I need to make lots of circles and eliptic figures, is hexagon ok for this?


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    The geometric nature ... oh hang on, I thought you said Art Deco. Art Nouveau is way more organic so you would be better off with a scuplting program that can do all the curlies and so on.

    If you want to model Art Deco, then Hexagon or any polygon modeller is a good match.

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    Hexagon can do organic modeling, although the Displacement Brush does not have as many options to control the brush compared to other applications such as ZBrush. Low poly modeling to get the basic forms and then subdividing to get smooth flowing surfaces works really well in Hexagon.

    Where sculpting is needed, setting the brush strength very low and using multiple passes if needed can produce a smoother result. I have found that being too aggressive ends up producing a hammered effect that is impossible to fix.

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  • I use Hexagon for both organic and mechanic modeling. It models pretty much anything.

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    Yes, it can handle it.
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    Thanks, now I feel assured of going with hexagon!  

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