Go pro hell !!!... Why wont Daz let me upgrade from standard to Pro?



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    Scoopey said:

    Now I know its not good to compare rivals but can anyone tell me if Poser users have anywhere near the same aggravation with the official Poser addon store (Content Paradise?)

    No warning you purchased something previously.
    No returns on items purchased with coupons.
    Quality is highly variable as they do no QA and anyone can put an item there.

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    Oh well, a case of damned if you do, damned if you don't!
    The only store that seems to work well for me is Renderosity!

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    I have a similar issue- though I'm not trying to upgrade to C8 Pro, I just want the 64 bit version of 8 rather than the 32. I've been repeatedly requesting the 64 bit version of the 8- and the instructions had been the same, check which version you are uploading, beta for 8.5 or the 8 versions. I've downloaded C8 only, never the 8.5 beta (since it's a separate order, I don't have to worry about that issue), but when I download the 8 exe files for the pc.... only the 32 bit version comes up as ALL of the 64 bit versions for the pc are

    Since I recently purchased a computer with 64 bit capabilities, I would like to have that version of the program to work with.

    I did state that and was directed to the beta thread for the serial for the 8.5 beta version.

    It's not what I want. I want the 64 bit for PC

    I tried again, but we'll see what happens. Right now I'll play with the beta version of 8.5 but c'mon..I just want the 64 bit version of the program I purchased, Carrara

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    Solution 1: 64 bit is limited to C8 pro, it is the main reason to pay more for pro.
    Solution 2: if you do own C8 pro, you probably need to reset the download to access all the downloads, both 32 and 64 bit downloads will show up over several pages.

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    Hi Darwins mishap :)

    If I remember correctly,.. C8 (pro) was 64 bit,... but C8 was only 32bit .
    so with "Pro" you'd get both versions (32bit and 64bit),.
    but with "Standard" Carrara, you'd only get the 32 bit version.

    OOps.. :( .. 3drendero beat me to it :)

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    As a business man doing animation I make it as effortless and as easy as I possible can to let my customers GIVE ME THEIR MONEY! I have never in my life seen anyone make it absolutely impossible to give them your money like DAZ! WOW!

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