dz3delight.dll access violation - DS x64 please help

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Please I need help, version is crashing randomly while rendering and I can't get to the old zendesk support page. I have the crash dumps and I would like for someone to look at them.

It started with a scene crash because of normal maps and uberenvironment, the combination seemed to crash it. But now I have all sorts of weird stuff going on at different scenes. The same exact scene will sometimes begin to render and crash after a few blocks or never start rendering.

I keep getting access violations on dz3delight.dll. Function "Dz3DelightDll::DSlo_DetailtoStr". Offset "701239"

Alternatively is there any way for version to open scenes saved with ? because 36 always worked flawlessly, never crashed, ever. And 47 is making me waste hours and hours of the little time I have trying to figure out what is happening.



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    I think I found the cause. The top from the hot strike outfit for v4 is causing this madness. When converted to SubD it will cause all sorts of crazy stuff to happen. I have no idea why. Took me four hours to figure this out.

    I lost about 7 hours debugging these things already between the normal maps from the Wartech guns and now this. It needs some serious attention from the development team, there has to be a way for DS to identify and prevent these things from happening. If the geometry on object X is going make everything explode, it has to warn me somehow. If the normal map I'm loading is going to make everything explode, it has to warn me. I can't spend four hours doing tests every time it goes bananas for no reason. It's preposterous. And it's not free software, I payed 170 usd for my advanced license before it was free. So that argument does not apply.

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    The correct method (in fact only method) to reach the developers is to file a bug report at . Note that the Mantis Bug Tracker requires its own login and you'll have to create your own account. It's strongly recommended that you use the same username as you use on the forums for correlations.

    You might also read my guide to making a good bug report prior to filing a bug report:

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