- Urban Sprawl 3 - First Previews - (Commercial)



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    I love all of the Uban Sprawl products. I look forward to this release.




  • Kerya said:

    not planning on going encrypted anytime soon,I'll see how it plays out with DAZ,




    no...my plans are much more nefarious,

    -Content will only be useable to people who's DAZ Studio serial numbers start in an odd number

    -Returns on any items priced over 39-95 will incur a 49-95 'admin' fee

    -Content will only be available during New Zealand business hours,

    -Any attempt to export content to be used in any application other than DAZ Studio will see the users computers rendered 'busy' for 999 years'(alternatively users may use Bryce to render their scenes.)

    -A 1.99$ 99$ daily fee will be added to all user accounts, this will be known as  'Stonemasons Personal Pastry Chef Fund' or SPPCF

    -Encrypted content will be superseded by 'MI' content, this content will self destruct should any attempt be made to pirate it.

    -Weekly freebie will be replaced with mandatory weekly customer donation,this will be known as 

     'Stonemasons Personal Pastry Chef Assistant Fund' or SPPCAF

    -The Korean spammers keeping our mods busy will be re-trained as Stonemasons minions,these 'minions' will be put to work creating content ..and coffee.






    Weeeellll - the part about Bryce will make Chohole happy.


    What's Bryce some sort of welsh dish ???

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    McG - I bought a stonemason file under the bridge, that is DS only.  I have it open in DS. Now what do I do?

    I installed it into my poser directory than added it into DS but I dragged and dropped the file into DS from my poser runtime.

    Now I get this message when I try and create poser companion files.


    Screen Shot 2016-04-17 at 3.23.53 PM.png
    429 x 162 - 27K
  • estheresther Posts: 582

    actually I just loaded the scene into poser using the D3D DSON loader and it looks perfectly ok for my cartoon style renders that I do, and with one vickie in the scene seems to act as a normal scene.

    Maybe this new city one will be as good for me in poser.


  • McGrandpaMcGrandpa Posts: 459

    Esther, I have no idea what that error dialog means.  Unless you simply don't have some stuff installed to the right places.

    Under The Bridge, the expansions Sous Les Ponts and Ruined  Bridge are all DS AND Poser sets.   The new zip formats have files for both DS and Poser.  Did you download all of them?  Sometimes I forget to scroll the page down and get some of the files.  Happens to most of us some time or other!

    The issue we seem to be looking at is where there is no Poser version, and we are using DS to create one.  Of whatever item is at hand.  That is what I did to get China Town into Poser.  I didn't create Poser Companion Files.  In Studio 4.8 I simply exported a "subscene" of China Town.  I chose to export a PP2 Prop, and entered the correct info in all the little boxes.  It even saved a .png thumbnail for me.  Tell the truth here, DS is better at exporting stuff than Poser is by far.   If I didn't hate the interface so much I'd be using Studio and Poser would be gathering dust.  Just a little trial and error will have you exporting stuff to Poser left and right.  I dunno about everyones stuff.  I just tried it with Stonemasons China Town and it worked great.

    From what he himself said, that will no longer hold true with the newer stuff he's working up.  Some of it is in the store now.  The sets with all the plants.  I take it that Urban Sprawl 3 will not be usable in Poser.    I am thinking the only way to actually KNOW for sure, is to try it on an item to item basis.   I *LIKE* using Stonemasons sets, and D&M's, and Redhouse/Jack Tomalin and a good many others.  So if I bought a DS only set, I wouldn't likely be asking for any refund.  I'd wrassle with it till I got it to work!  LOL!


  • JOdelJOdel Posts: 5,667

    I think the poster is talking about the new 'Under the Bridge' set. It only came out in the last month or so and is Studio only. I think the .obj files are available for download though.

  • McGrandpaMcGrandpa Posts: 459

    Thanks for that JOdel, I'll go look for it.   Oh that is Under the Overpass.   Neat set.  Someone would load all that in, then export a LOT of individual items. 

    But the problem won't be the meshes, it will be the materials.   Remember all the trouble DS had with Poser materials from the beginning?  Well, it still DOES, actually.  But now DS has its own format, and it's a giant catchall.  DUF.  Which is kinda like Posers PZ3.  Except that DS DUF can be for ANYTHING.  And it IS for anything.  Big, small, Figure, character set, clothing, textures, props, everything.  DUF.  And the ONLY stuff DSON for Poser shows Poser is the stuff PCF's are made for.  That's it.   DS has its own file heirarchy too.  It does not follow the kind of standards that Poser does.

    There are people that love the new system, and those that hate it.   Very few are ambigious on this part.  Me, I just hate the interface. 


  • estheresther Posts: 582

    I used the D3D DSON importer from within poser on the DUF file for the under the overpass and it looks really great in poser and seems to work fine.

    so I will try the urban sprawl when it comes out.

  • estheresther Posts: 582

    Is it possible to insert an image here that is not uploaded?


  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 35,046

    ...yes. You need the URL of the site the image is on.  Copy the URL location, then Click the "Image" button at the top of the edit window. In the first field paste the URL. 

    Make sure that the image is not bigger than 800 pixels across or it messes up the forum margins. If it is, you can simply resize it in the "Image" window by just entering a new value in the horizontal size field.

  • estheresther Posts: 582

    well I didn't frame my question well enough.  What I mean is it possible to upload an image from my computer that isn't online?


  • estheresther Posts: 582

    without the need to go to one of those uploady sites and just get it off my computer and post it here?


  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 35,046

    ...you would have to attach it to a post then.

    You could also put it in the Gallery here and link to it from there.

  • estheresther Posts: 582

    so I can attach it to a post here?  that is actually  my question. How would I do that?

  • estheresther Posts: 582

    oh I see an attach a file option below.  thanks.


    Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.25.06 AM.png
    461 x 485 - 468K
  • estheresther Posts: 582



    Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 12.19.10 AM.png
    458 x 483 - 418K
  • estheresther Posts: 582

    the muddy rocky texture to the ground looks just perfect.  well as you can see i have used a toon texture for the girl, and after that I would normally use some postwork including a toon filter.


  • estheresther Posts: 582

    If the urban sprawl set looks as good as that I would be very happy.

  • kyoto kidkyoto kid Posts: 35,046

    ...she looks like a tough young lady.


  • estheresther Posts: 582

    she is a good friend to have in an emergency too.  Thanks for looking.  so when is the urban sprawl coming out?  I'm keen to try it in poser now.


  • McGrandpaMcGrandpa Posts: 459

    Well now, that worked a treat!  Good job Esther.  Your story character looks great in the set too.   Only Stonemason can say when US3 will be available.   You could buy the original Urban Sprawl, and Urban Sprawl 2 and experiment with them first, while you're waiting.  There are hundreds of sets created by dozens of artists available here too.   Stonemason has dozens of excellent sets available now.  Have you shopped his store yet?   I know that being story driven, your interests will be toward particulars presented in your stories.  Peruse the stores, there is plenty here in DAZ stores to work with!

    Stefan is a really special artist.  His attention to detail is incredible.   Have a look at Streets of the Mediterranean, Streets of Asia 1, 2 and 3.  Urban Future 1 thru 4.   The City Courtyard, Tin Pan Alley!  OR better, just go through his store and look at all the goodies there.   It's a great place to get lost in.  And its just right HERE!



  • estheresther Posts: 582

    I have the original urban sprawls as they were for poser as well. but he says this new one has some special DS textures so i am eager now to experiment and see if it works in poser and if so, how well.

    Love esther


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