Running, walking and stair climbing for Genesis 3 (and 8)

There don't seem to be a whole lot of people in mid motion pose sets.

Lots of laying down and sitting and pin ups.

please don't search the store and share the results. I already own those. lol

Right now, every general mish-mosh set has 1 run or 1 getting ready to move pose.

So you basically have to extract those and/or pose Mix to get something in-between.

There's Aeon Soul's and Escape Poses...etc......

But a huge library (Maybe a job for i13ron[wo]man) of just people walking and running - jog runs, frantic runs, runner's run...clumsy run. Fearful runs...track meet runs....both feet off ground, one foot down, one foot up......arms forward...arms back.....etc.......

That and going up or down stairs...I'd expect to do tons of customization, but some basic- differing levels would be nice......

A solid set would also be a great starting, mid or end point to work from.....


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    I'm always looking for ideas for pose sets. I try to include lots of action poses in my sets, I already have a couple of walking/running/stair climbing poses in the market, but there can always be more, right? I'll see what i can do.wink

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    Well, I have your

    1 Beachfront [HAS BEEN USED]

    2 Classic Vignette

    3 Beach Beauties {Kick used for fake run}

    4 Tender Moments

    5 World Traveler

    6 Zombie Hoard (used for Running wildly)

    7 In Motion [is Genesis 2 so.,...]

    8 Take a Hike (HAS BEEN USED)

    * I also have all your fighting poses and anything close to superhero posings.

    40+ Products......

    But there's no stairs (a step in the beach one)


    But I'd add/suggest, if I may-

    A) Climbing stairs. I would add MOPHS (probably impossible) or foot presets to better match foot to step so that ONE FOOT is down and the other can be moved around, manually by us.

    In other words, some poses are mid step and not both feet on stairs- because it would help since who knows how steep any set of stairs would be in a daz set.

    B) Separate bottoms and Tops so we can mix and match to find better combinations.

    C) Feet/ankle presets for heels and flat feet.

    D) A regular, sexy poses on stairs, since pinups are so important to the Daz usersbase. I have a bunch of characters lounging back on stairs, but none, that I remember, of anyone GOING UP or COMING DOWN stairs.

    E) Extended uses are characters climbing up/down rocky/steep surfaces, so some could have the character pitched forward heavily to simulate rocky terrain. That could be a simple TOP preset that has a huge bend at the abdomen.

    F) Tops could be characters carrying stuff (midnight snack) or props like a flashlight (For bump in the night renders)


    Ohhh SNAPS- before I forget GENESIS 3 and 8




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    Murder She Posed has at least one stair climbing pose in it. Maybe one going up and one going down. It's been a while since I built it. Lol. But you're right. I need to make more. :)

    The problem, as you've estutely pointed out, is that it's hard as a pose maker to make stair poses, because there is a wide variance in step and rise measurements between stair sets. There will always be tweaking required by the customer, unless a stair climbing/descending pose was designed for a specific scenery set. I think that's probably why you don't see many of these type of poses in the market place. I'm not entire sure of what a good solution for this would be, but I will give it some thought. 

    Generally, I don't like doing sets with partial poses for the upper and lower body parts, mainly because nine times out of ten any combination of tops with bottoms will look unbalanced and will require tweaking by the end user. I take special care to make sure that my poses are balanced, plausible, and have a sense of gravity to them. I can't guarantee that on partials. However, I did kind of cater to that with my Ballroom Dance pose set, but I did the tweaking for the customer so that every pose looks balanced regardless of what top or bottom was desired. It was a lot of work, and I think it was worth it. But I do understand the need to have your characters be able to adapt to whatever situation you need for your renders. (The midnight snack idea made me laugh, 'cause that'd be me. Guilty.) I will keep this in mind and will probably work something into a stair pose set, probably something along the lines of what I did for the Ballroom Dance set. 

    Putting this on my build list for this year.


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    Well said about the snatching poses from different sets.

    Okay, I'll stay on top of your releases.


    Not that I (wouldn't) want to do an entire sit-down interview with you, but when I have your attention, I'd like to churn it for all I can.


    As a vendor who specializes in poses, how do you decide the character genre to work with?

    You go from action to play to a very specific aim to a very wide appeal.

    What causes that? And how do you prepare to create a set?

    Do you study film?

    Analyze pictures?

    Use modeling dolls?

    And would you ever consider doing a comissioned work for a Daz product?

    One- that you could release in the store, as in, a specific request?

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    Hehheh, I'm always up for answering questions. wink

    As to how I decide what to build, it varies. Mostly I build what interests me. I have a background in technical theater, so I understand staging and how important it is to have poses look good from any angle. I also have aspirations of making a graphic novel, so I tend to approach my poses so that they fill the niche for graphic novelist. I want my poses to help tell whatever story you all need. Poses are what sell the story that people are trying to tell in their artwork. And there's a ton of poses needed for graphic novels, right? 

    As for how I prepare for a set, usually something catches my imagination. Sometimes it's a scenery set, or a prop, or I just stumble on an idea that I think would make a good pose set. I then do extensive research, because I believe in getting things right. I collect reference photos. Endless reference photos. Lol. Often I have personal experience to call from too. (My husband is a weapons nerd and he's taught me how to fence with long swords, as well as sabre. I took up archery after my eldest daughter was born. I was in Tae Kwon Do with my kids until a year last November I tore my gluteus minimus tendon in class. That was fun. NOT. When I was younger I played a lot of sports - soccer, basketball, softball, baseball, hockey. I also play the violin, guitar, and keyboards. My husband and youngest daughter are very proficient at a lot of musical instruments, so I get to use them as my models for when I need to make musical instrument poses beyond what I know. The list goes on.)

    I guess the biggest part of my pose building workflow involves physically putting myself in a stance/pose and feel where the weight falls on my body so that I can make sure I translate that into the poses I make for Genesis/Genesis 2/3/8 so that the pose looks natural and is realistic. I have my husband or my sons stand in poses for me as well, 'cause men carry themselves differently than women. I want to get that right too. I figure if I, or my mean helpers can't physically do a pose, then it means it's not a realistic pose and therefore I'm not going to build it. (That's not to say that on my zero G poses or my flying poses were easily reproducible and I shouldn't build said poses. I just cross reference the poses with spending some time in a pool to physically feel what the pose should look like.)

    I also tend to be slow when it comes to building my sets. Not that I work slow. I spend a lot of my time making sure that everything looks right. I'm not just going to randomly spin parameter dials and hope that something looks cool. I make sure that every bone (with some exceptions - the individual toe bones for example) has a rotation to it. Human bodies aren't stiff and rigid, so why should the models look that way? It's my passion to make the best poses possible and the devil is in the details. And I love the detail work.

    I'm sure I'm telling you waaaaayyyyy more than you really wanted to hear, but to be honest, you're the first person to ask me these questions, and I'm delighted to share.

    As for commissioned sets, it would depend on the subject, my build schedule, and your timeline. But yes, I've done commissioned sets before.  I'm definitely open to it. wink 

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    Exorcist little girl poses on the stairs please, and Dracula's harem doggy walking by the walls, I like this kind of stuff, also people falling down stairs, or being pulled by the window, hehe.

    A storyboard with poses of an exciting final fight, a kitchen survival fight with a knife would rock too. Specially this, G8 needs different fights of Final Girl survivors fighting and usually finally beating up psycopaths and monsters.

    On a more historic point of view, G8 needs courtisan bows, princess-like posing manners also for evils like Elizabeth Bathory, and versallesque poses for conversation, intriguing and flirting, in general.

    For futuristic settings, would be great to have Militia Clone posing set: marching, saluting, martial conversations... all storm troopers style alike.

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