Babies with adult heads

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I like the auto fit genesis has.  Works pretty good with the baby body.  My problem is that I want a body body with an adult head.  They all come out looking fat cheeked with a bulbous nose.  The attachment is the result I am sorta looking for.

Clipboard Baby Heads.jpg
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    Eight monthes later I'm still stuck.  But, I do have X morphs.  Can that be any help?

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    These are the steps you should take to get the next result.

    1.- Load Genesis and apply dial "Basic Child".

    2.- Run X-Morphs and Click Spawn Morph.Combine, and save "BasicChildFullMorph" (It allows you to create a morph, with all the characteristics it has, such as the size of the character.)

    3.- In Divide-Bones, Select "Head" (childs), select "BasicChildFullMorph", select "Remaining", and Click "Preview"

    4.- To correct the position of the head, clicking on calculate.For this case, the Y position is manually adjusted to 78, for a better head position.

    The "Inverted" checkbox is very important, which allows you to move your head and keep your body in the same position.

    5.- Preview and test and Save Morph as "Basic_Child_Body".

    6.- Save Assets.- We save the asset so that it is available in the base figure.



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    Thanks!!! That's quite a load.

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    Well this looks interesting. I read in the Commercial thread that it can't mix-and-match between generations (and I assume genders). That's too bad, but understandable.

    CGI3DM, I'm not sure how much work there is to do it, but I'm sure you're aware the world is in need of an update to GenX to allow morph transfers to Generation 8. You seem to know a lot about morphs, so you seem like a good candidate to take over that niche! smiley

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