Lost Morphs

Some of the morph features for Rare Stone's Genesis 8 male and female are gone: I did evidently download them, but the files got lost somehow.

I did have tecnical problems earlier, and in a (failed) attempt to fix them, I did attempt to delete everything and then download the software from scratch, but it didn't work (I was able to fix the technical problems): I'm not sure what folders they're in because the download was pretty much automatic.


  • Theer was an update to the product soon after release, to fix name-conflicts with another morph set. If you hadn't installed that it's possible that what you are seeing is a consequence of the name changes.

  • plaul2002plaul2002 Posts: 28

    Having same issue on all my Gen 3 wardrobe content.  All morphs are gone.

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    Found the issue first thing this morning.

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  • Zipper730Zipper730 Posts: 45

    Well, I attemted to uninstall the program; then reinstall it under the misguided idea that it'd sort out everything.

    Instead, I cannot re-install it: It seems to jam partway through the installation: It's like the whole universe is trying to keep me from downloading this thing! cheeky

  • Zipper730Zipper730 Posts: 45

    I deleted all cookies and the cache; then shut the computer down figuring it would unclutter the system so jamming would occur less: I then went back to the Daz3D page and was told I needed to sign up.  I did and fortunately was sent to download the program.  Everything went off without a hitch.

    BTW: Not sure why the download was for the 32-bit version; the 64-bit version ran fine on the computer (the glitches were caused throguh errors I made, and bungled efforts to try and purge the faulty settings from the computer lol)

  • Zipper730Zipper730 Posts: 45

    Well, I'm not so sure about the morph thing... but still

  • Zipper730Zipper730 Posts: 45

    Never mind, I downlaoded the right version: I'm not sure all the morpsh work though

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