Kyra Fantasy Outfit and DForce

I tried to use the Kyra Fantasy Outfit with DForce, but everytime the outfit "explodes". Has anyone successfully applied DForce to the outfit?


  • How are you using it  -starting from a zero pose, starting from a non-zero memorised pose, or just draping the current pose? Do other dForce items work in the same set-up?

  • JamesJABJamesJAB Posts: 1,299

    Looking at how the outfit is built, I'm not sure if the mesh would play nice with dForce.
    You might get it to work by only setting parts of it as dForce then fine tuning the "Dynamics Strength" setting for each material zone.

  • wizard1200wizard1200 Posts: 89
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    Thank you very much for your fast replies.

    I start from a non-zero memorized pose and the other items work without any trouble.

    Yep, the mesh is probably the problem, because the different parts of the outfit collide with eachother.

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