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I don't want to change the scale of a figure, I want to keep the current head/body size and increase/decrease the height.

For example, to make a tall teen without giving him a big head (twice bigger than an adult).

Actually I must change the lengths of the legs, torso and arms and search the best ratio for each part. I use a rescaled figure as reference in order to adjust my character


I think a range from 5 ft to 7 ft would be nice.

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    For the recent generations of Genesis (2, 3, and 8), the [figure name] Body Morphs package Daz sells includes a "Height" morph that controls overall figure height, along with "Arms Length", "Legs Length", and "Torso Length" morphs.

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    @Murgatroyd Oh okay ! It's something I didn't see. Thank you.

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