Which character is this on Sophia Hair OOT's promo?

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Does anyone know which model/character is this on Sophia Hair promo? I sent OOT a private message but got no reply.

Sophia Hair Promo


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  • Probably one he doesn't want to distribute because he's using her in an image series or story. She doesn't appear as a character morph in his catalog.

  • CMacksCMacks Posts: 127

    That is an amazing morph and texture.  Looks real!  The other promo renders are with a well-known morph for G8F so this one probably is too.  I'll see if I can figure it out.

  • seeker273seeker273 Posts: 399

    The texture looks a lot like a P3D girl. It could very well be a mix of morphs and textures.

  • seeker273seeker273 Posts: 399

    I was wrong. It seems that both the morph and the texture are Lacie by Maddelirium.

  • CMacksCMacks Posts: 127

    Definitely not the morph...

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