The Genesis 8 Compadability--How far does it go?

So I am a little unsure if I posted this-soon-to-be-asked question in the right category, but here goes nothing I guess. So the only thing I wonder is if since the Genesis 8 series are backward compatable with older Genesis generations does that mean that I can use the Michael 4 Muscle Morph pack on the genesis 8 male? Or is it just the clothes/hair that are compatable from older generations. Would be lovely if someone who knows would chare their thoughts and knowledge, an early Happy New Year to every artists, content creator and staff memeber on Daz3D, Stay awesome! :D

TLDR: Do this work on the Genesis 8 Male?



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    First, Michael 4 is generation 4 and pre Genesis.  Second, morphs are mesh specific and will only work on the model they where made for.

  • Thank you Jestmart and Nonesuch00 for taking the time to comment, means a lot, hope you have a great New Year's Eve. 

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    By compatibility, Daz meant clothes and hair and in the case of the Genesis 3 line of figures, their textures.


  • Thank you Laurie for your comment! :D

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    You could always use Generation X to move the muscle morphs from M4 to Genesis 3, and then use Singular Blues script in the thread about moving G3 morphs to G8 to move those morphs to Genesis 8. Not exactly a one click solution, but it is possible.

  • Hey, thanks dude/dudette, I'll check it out! :3 

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