Keymate - Jump to Selected

I'm not sure if Keymate is still under development, but I use it religiously. The largest hurdle for me is the constant "digging". I would like to have the option for it to expand or "jump" to whatever node I select. For example, If I select the left hand, the heirarchy of Keymate should expand all the way down to that hand. Instead, I currently have to manually expand the hieracrchy ... something like: G2Male>Hips>Abdomen1>Abdomen2>Left Clavicle>Left Should... etc... all the way down to the hands.

Thank you.




  • wolf359wolf359 Posts: 1,933

    Indeed I would love this feature as well!!
    also a ""reset view"option in graphmate would be nice
    for when your keygraphs get "lost" way out in the border lands
    and you cannot remember which direction to scroll to find them. angry

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