dforce-Problem Jumping Item

Hi Guys,

what make I wrong with dforce?

I create a plane, move it in the height i need, add the dforce dynamic - and when I simulate the pane jumps to ground.

I got nuts with this. Anyone knows the reason?

Thanks and a happy New Year.


  • SimonJMSimonJM Posts: 4,999

    You don't mention what there is in the scene for the plane to collide with.

  • Oh, sorry.

    I have a Prop (Bathtube) and a Figure (Genesis 8) with them the Plane collide.

  • Given that the sheet drape from the dForce Starter Essentials works (for most, it might be worth your trying it) this clearly isn't an issue with lifting and draping a plane per se. It may be that the plane is memorised on the floor, and so jumps there if you have the Start From Memorised Pose option set in Simulation Settings - try turning that off and see if the scene then works, or try using the Memorise Pose command on the plane in the raised postion.

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