Iray display style issues

Hi folks , I have run into a little bit of a problem lately with the iray display style or whatever it's called . When ever I turn it on it will render whats on the screen but it will also freeze up Daz Studio to the point that I have to open task manager and shut it down . It was doing this in 4.9 so I thought maybe the upgrade to 4.10 might get it but it didn't , so it's probably computer related . If anybody has any ideas on how to fix this I would appreciate it .


  • What's your rendering device, CPU or GPU or both? Either way, depending on the machine, the action of rendering the preview window is no different from clicking the Render button, at least where system resources are concerned. Think about it: if it's just using the GPU, the same GPU is also handling all of your primary display. If it's using the CPU, well, there's a reason it's called the Central Processing Unit. If it's using both, then you can figure out the rest.

  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 18

    It's set to gpu only on a gtx 1070 . It will render just fine it's just the preview thats hanging up on even simple stuff like a primitive sphere . 

  • Check your render settings, as they might be too heavy for the preview window. If you've got it set to render a full production image, the preview window will match everything except the dimensions.


  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 18

    I think I got it . It looks like the ' in game overlay " that was turned on in nvidia's geforce experience program was causing the issue . 

  • Interesting. I used Shadowpay to capture the Dynamic Hair with dForce tutorials I made and didn't have a problem with it. Win 10? I'm using 8.1.

  • MarkMMarkM Posts: 18

    yeah , Windows 10

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