When extruding in the model room, is there a way to keep the dimensions instead of having to manually scale it out?


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    Hi LOH :)

    You can use "snap to grid",(Ctrl+G). to extrude a regular distance based on the grid spacing. 

    you can set the grid spacing to whatever value you need (Ctrl+J),. and turn the snap on/off as you need.

    when you extrude,. it will snap to the grid length, ...so,. each extrusion would be the same length.

    Hope it helps :)


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    If you press Ctrl while extruding, the new face will be the same size as the original face and it will be extruded at right angles to the original face. You can also use Shift to extrude in the plane of the original (I know you didn't ask this but the two are useful together for making regular shapes).

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    Yup. I use both of those (what 3DAGE said and what PhilW said) all the time.

    When using Snap to Grid, I just quickly set the grid size to the size I want each extrusion to be and start extruding. Change the grid size to the new size I need to extrude to, then extrude away.

    More often than snapping to grid, however, I'm just using Ctrl or Shift to constraint my extrusion to one of the two dimensions of the extrusion.

    Damn, modeling in Carrara is a blast!!! I love it!

  • Okay, so there's symmery, but no mirrop?



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    To bevel an edge./ select the edge,. then go to modeling / Fast fillet ,. then pull out the edge to create a bevel.


    You can enable symmetry for the object,. so you can model on both sides at the same time,. or..

    not sure what "mirrop" means,. but i'm thinking it's "mirror operation" ,. which could be symmetrical modelling,. ?


    you can select an object and choose "duplicate with symmetry" which allows you to duplicate and mirror that object on any axis.

    this is commonly used to model half a figure and "duplicate with symmetry" to create the opposite half,.  whether that's a Wing /Fuselage of an aircraft,. or a head

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    Alright, can I get suggestons? These stairsren't welded as you ca probably tell. Think i shold leave it unwelded?

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    You mean welded to the walls? I wouldn't - but that's just me. If you did, you'd either be adding a lot of unneccessary polygons to the walls or making them each into one big n-gon. I guess it depends on what has to happen next?

  • I would agree. It could be welded at the top and botom, maybe. But the sides? Uh, probably a bad idea.

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    In the model room, it rotates from the center of an edge Is thrre a way to rotate the edge around the end instead of the center?

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    Not as far as i know,. ,. since the edge is the object selected,. it would rotate around it's axis,. as expected.

    you could select the the individual vertices and move those into the position you want,... rather than rotate the edge. it'll accomplish the same thing.


    For the stairs,.

    unless there's a really good reason that you need to joint the stairs to the floor,. don't.

    there's no need to, and it makes other stuff like UV mapping more complex than needed.

    it's also more efficient to build things in parts,. those "parts" like stairs, can be saved to your library and reused in other scenes.


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    I was thinking the same thing: Just keep those walls as a separate plane. 

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    Fast filet is...well...FAST! i can hardly control it! Just a teeny twitch of my hand and FWOOSH!

    edit: Nevermind. It doesn't anymore.


    Okay, not welding the stairs.

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    In the model room, it rotates from the center of an edge Is thrre a way to rotate the edge around the end instead of the center?


    There is a way: select the edge, then Strg Alt click on the point you want to be center of the rotation.           Thanks to mr moir: 

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    Ctrl Alt click (you put "Strg Alt click"). Good tip!

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  • Yeah I was ike "Uh, 'strong'? Mash the Alt button so it gets stuck? Nice try, dude." lol

  • this makes my life so much easier.

  • Finally ot past this part.


    9170 polys. 172 steps. Start climbing! :P

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  • PhilW said:

    Ctrl Alt click (you put "Strg Alt click"). Good tip!

    Oops......sorry!.......german keyboard........

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    How do you delete an edge without deleting a poly?  It's triangulating my quad  anwhen i try to delee it, it deletes half the quad

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    I'm not shure to understand your modell but: deleting works better with the scissor tool than with the "delete" key on your keyboard.

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    Backspace provides a softer delete than the Del key, and usually that'll keep a poly intact.

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