Tattooed skin to LIE tattoo converter

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There are tattooed textures available in several products, there are often 2 versions with or without tattoos, by comparing these 2 textures the tattoo could be extracted.

It would be wonderful if a tool could be able to extract the tattoo and turn it into LIE tattoo.

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  • SimonJMSimonJM Posts: 4,911

    Funnily enough I was just thinking that (again) yesterday!  I'd suspect it woud; be to with layers and masks, but I am no use with graphics tools so ... crying

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    To extract a multiply type tattoo (most common), do this:

    Load the tattooed skin, and load the normal skin on a layer above it.

    Set the normal skin layer to Divide blending mode.

    Save this as its own image, and you can apply it in LIE with multiply blending.

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    @agent unawares

    Very interesting, thank you !

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    Clever idea!

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