Animation Troubles

I sent this all to Daz Support hoping to get some assistance back from GoFigure but nothing fruitful from that yet. I'll post my issues here and maybe Sven or someone else can help out. A couple of these have already been answered in another thread.

It was my intention to purchase the full Animate2 plugin if the KeyMate plugin worked out for me. Honestly, I really wanted to be able to do all of this inside of Daz Studio but I spent an enormous amount of time trying to do what should be very simple stuff.The most serious problems I ran into other than the one I have reported I will list below. 

1) Keys get added on Timeline even though I am only using KeyMate. Strange behavior would occur during my animation development and there were no keyframe showing in KeyMate where the behavior occurred. I finally learned about these keys that were added to the Timeline so at least I can go and delete them now. I shouldn't have to flip over to the Timeline at all. I should be able to see everything in KeyMate.

2) Invisible keys. I have sequences where I have two poses separated by several empty frames. There are movements that occur as if there is an additional key in between my two poses. There is no key showing on either KeyMate nor Animate. If I change my two poses to be identical, meaning there should be no movement in between them, the movement still occurs as if there is an invisible key.

3) It is painful to try to separate the Animation from the Character or to isolate specific parts of the Animation. For example, I wanted to just save the Animation for the Upper Body. I was able to do it, but it was very painful and took several attempts to get it right. Also, I want all of my Animations to be able to be Targeted to whatever Character I want later. It should be easy to save just the Animation and not the Character specific stuff.

4) I created several basic Animations such Breathing & Winking and saved them as AniBlocks. If I have my Character selected and hover over the AniBlock, everything looks fine. If I add one of them to my sequence in Animate, it works fine. ... but if I try to use a second one, everything goes to hell. This happens when I have two AniBlocks at the same time and even when I have them sequenced one after the other. They shouldn't impact each other at all.

5) As soon as I create an AniBlock, the KeyMate stuff is unusable. If there is a problem with the Animation when it gets turned into an AniBlock, there is not a way to go back. You can't Undo back to where you were. The only way to survive this is to have saved your Scene right before creating the AniBlock.

6) Sometimes I create an animation in KeyMate using one Character and then find that I need to use it on another Character where it needs to be refined. If I merge my other Character into the Scene, I can't find a way to copy the Keys to the second Character. It would also work if I were able to replace the original Character but I don't see how to do that. I've tried creating a Character Preset thinking that I might be able to handle it that way but ran into preset issues, so I have been saving my Characters as Scene Subsets instead.


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