Have to enter Daz3D username and password in e-mail program to see complete mail from Daz3D???

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Okay, I think another new Daz3D bug: I did enter a support ticket because I can not download my purchased Daz3D product. I did receive a confirmation mail of the ticket. But when I select that mail in Windows Live Mail on my Windows 7 Prof 64bit PC, I get a screen where I have to enter my Daz3D username and password?? Ofcourse I will not do that.
The text on the log in screen is (translated from Dutch):

"A username and password are required for server ca1-magweb.daz3d.com on Private Site."

Somehow in that mail there is something that only can be shown when username and password are given, which ofcourse is totally weird :P

Edit: just discovered that it's for the image that is in the mail. When I cancel that username and password request, the part in top of the mail where the Daz Logo (I presume) has to be, stays empty with a little red cross in the corner. The rest of the mail is ther like it should be.

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    I just totally ignore that nonsense, click the "x" to close it and carry on as normal.
    It appears when the notification is referring to any of the 'members only' or 'private' areas of the forum such as your acct stuff.

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    The fact that this is appearing at all in my e-mail program is weird enough. I know it's probably a bug in the Daz mail code but it has phising properties if a mail does this.
    Plus that I don't think a logo in top of a mail is something members only or private?

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    Entering your password wouldn't help - that's a private area, and you won't have access. It's a graphic in the header I think, so you aren't losing anything by cancelling the log-in request.

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    That logo links somewhere to Zendesk area, and it did that before too, so unrelated to store change. I noticed it myself 'cause I have images turned off by default, and when I clicked on "turn on", it spat that to my face too.

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