GamePrint 3D Print Plugin

I just updated my daz3d to 4.10, and puchased GamePrint: 3D Print Plugin, but I cannot find it anywhere.  I even looked under Windows>Panes (Tabs)>GamePrint 3D Print, but it is not there, is it located somewhere else?


  • Hey Borgking001a

    You will need to activate it first.

    Here's the steps to activate it, you can find the full information here.

    How to

    Ordering your figurine through GamePrint is very straightforward.

    Step 1: Install the GamePrint plugin from Daz Install Manager.

    1.1 Once the install is done go to Help > About Installed Plugins look for GamePrint

    1.2 To Activate the plugin copy the Serial number from My Account > My Serial Numbers then restart Daz Studio

    Figure(1) GamePrint 3D Print Serial Number

    Figure (2) GamePrint 3D Print Activation

    Step 2: After installation launch or restart Daz Studio.

    2.1 Once it loads the pane is "GamePrint 3D Print". See Figure (1)

    2.2 Once you click "GamePrint 3D Print", the pane window appears. See Figure (2)

  • Thanks for the help!

  • It always a pleasure

    Let me know if you need anything.

    Thanks for the help!


  • Will you be offering 2 and 3 inces for STANDARD and COLLECTIBLE, in the future?

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