Converting SketchUp files to Daz Format



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    I prefer my SU 7 plugin, it works on most!

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    Exporting from SU to OBJ saves you from all of the crap the rest of us have to face, as OBJ can deal with most of the garbage that comes out of SU. Collada, being a Heinz 57 varieties format, has all sorts of problems with SU models, all though their devs constantly messing about with the code for the Collada exporter hasn't helped it any.

    With OBJ you probably get one mesh when you import it into DS, using the DAE you can end up with dozens of nulls as well was dozens of mesh items, every single mesh "group" is created as a separate item, and every node in the file is turned into a null, and that's assuming DS can read the area of the file where the mesh is stored, otherwise you end up with a couple of nulls and a camera.

    After a "quick" edit I can get most of them to load into DS, I've only had one so far that DS really didn't like, as it broke the OpenGL viewport and left me with a few OGL errors in the log.

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    Heck, even AutoDesk gives you a full 30 days.

    Yeah, but Autodesk's trials come at a heavy price-- TELEMARKETING, SPAM, AND DATAMINING. Read their ToU. BTW, it's 8 hours, now.

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