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Is there a Bryce gallery here at Daz, I've just finished my first Bryce piece of art in 5 years, I'm 70 so I had fogotten a lot but it was fun using Bryce again, took me forever but still fun. I have all of my Vue stuff over at Renderosity but got fed up with Vue and the way they do things, Bryce 3 was the fist 3d art program I ever used in 1997 or 98 and fell in love with 3d art. Was wondering if there is a Bryce gallery here to upload to or all the galleries bunched together. Also how do I go about uploading my stuff? Thanks for you help!!!

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    Click the little blue person icon in the upper right corner of the forums or store, then select "my gallery" from the context menu.  I forget if you need to do anything special the first time to name your gallery or if the default is fine.  Then click the "click or drop picture" icon to browse to and select a file to upload into your gallery.  There should be an "add category" button somewhere, you can type whatever you want, such as "Bryce" to add a tag to it if people are searching for Bryce.  (Not sure what people might search for, I've never searched that way), but that would be the obvious name to choose if you only wanted to see Bryce stuff.)  It isn't technically a "Bryce gallery", it's just "a gallery" with images tagged in whatever way people want to mark them.

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    Adding to what Sriesch mentioned this tutorial by David will help

    I don't have a gallery here and post most of my renders in this thread

    Hope this helps

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    There is no dedicated Bryce gallery at Daz like a few years back. The Daz gallery mixes all images. However, you can add what resources you used, e.g. Bryce (or Vue or Studio or whatever). On the main page on top right where you log-in there is a link to MY GALLERY where you can set it up. Renderosity does have a dedicated Bryce gallery and there is still which is dedicated to Bryce. And, as mermaid mentioned, there is this forum thread where you can show your artwork.

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