Trouble getting some WAV files to work in DS

I need help with audio! I have been trying to use different wav files in various animations but discovered that some of the wav files will play and some will not even load in DAZ Studio. Is there a difference between WAV files that can be loaded? If there is , would it be possible to convert to correct format? Thanks


  • Sven DullahSven Dullah Posts: 1,649

    I've never had that problem so can't say what is causing it. I always use 24 B WAVs at 44.1 kHz as my audio software/interface is set up for that, could it be your computer's audio settings are different from the files you try to load? Maybe check your audio settings and soundfile format to see that they match? If you have an audio software installed you should be able to convert both bit depth and sample rate quite easely. Or change your audio playback settings.

    Hope this helps!

  • kwanniekwannie Posts: 87

    Thanks Sven,

         Sorry I thought I posted this comment already  but I never sent it. But, is there a way to examine a file to be able to tell if they are 24 B?   I don't suppose you are well versed on extracting acapellas to isolate the vocal to use for lip sync are you? I would love find software that is speciffically made for creating acapellas from any song.


    Thanks again


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