Why can Daz see the body-inj but can't see the skin-inj?

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I bought models from a vendor, installed to \My Library\runtime and \My Library\People. I load genesis first, and the body-inj works for every model. Unfortunately the skin-inj does not work for every model. Instead it puts me through a dialog to go find the file. This is tedious and very time consuming. If the body morph can be found, why can't Daz see the skin texture?

How do I find out what directory it is searching so I can just put the textures there? Or how do I force it to look into a directory?

Once I have shown it where a texture is, it immediately cant find the next one, and won't start in the directory I just pointed to.

This is very hard to do. I hope there is an easier way.


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    You should just be installing to "My Library", not to subfolders of My Library. Is there a Runtime folder inside another Runtime folder?

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    Agreed. The install was to "\My Library"
    It went into \My Library\people\..... and into \My Library\runtime\....

    I can't find anything in Daz4 that controls what path is being searched when an item is loaded.

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    It sounds like you have split the install. That is not needed. The item you call a Skin-inj is just a texture file, it should be auto loaded if the files are placed in the proper place.
    The problem you are having with needing to find each skin is because the load file has the proper file path built into it. So each time you click one it checks for the file in the place the load file expects the file to be, the path built into the load file, when it is not found in the proper place it has no idea were you placed the files, so you have to find it again. Once you install the files just the way they list in the folders in the exact folders they belong in it will all work properly.
    I have never seen a file that needed split into different areas. Please UNzip the file to a clean folder and then post a screen capture of the folders and subfolders. I can then get it to work for you.

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    OK. I unzipped it to the root and here is what the directory structures look like:
    C:\My Library>dir /ad /s /b
    C:\My Library\People
    C:\My Library\Runtime
    C:\My Library\People\Realm of Exile
    C:\My Library\People\Realm of Exile\INSERT
    C:\My Library\People\Realm of Exile\KIM
    C:\My Library\People\Realm of Exile\RELOAD
    C:\My Library\Runtime\Textures
    C:\My Library\Runtime\Textures\REALM of EXILE
    C:\My Library\Runtime\Textures\REALM of EXILE\Insert
    C:\My Library\Runtime\Textures\REALM of EXILE\Kim
    C:\My Library\Runtime\Textures\REALM of EXILE\Reload

    There are three figures, insert, kim, and reload, as DSB files in the leaf of the \People branch. The corresponding textures are in the \Runtime branch.

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    I believe the correct "poser" runtime folder structure should be as follows ..
    Runtime/Library/Figures (where the models should be).
    Runtime/Library/Poses {To apply the Skin materials} (which seems to be missing)
    Runtime/Textures (where the "skin texture" image maps should be)
    for Daz Studio, all of the above files should be inside the
    Users/My Documents/Daz3D/Studio/My Library

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    The Daz Studio path my computer uses is under \users\ but instead of "My Documents" it is simply "Documents."

    I have found a partial solution-- Daz is apparently picky about path names matching not only the letters, but the case of the letters. Look at the paths above in my previous post, and you will see the textures have part of the path in all caps, and in the people paths that name is NOT in all caps. I made them the same, and most of the textures come through now.

    Unfortunately, I can't figure out why one texture must be loaded manually.

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