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I am thinking the introduction of dforce may have something to do with this

I noticed last week there is a new tutorial pack for Hexagon as well.


There have been nothing but denials of updates on Hexagon since I've been hangng around here.


Maybe Daz3d should to think to become proactive, since they already have two legacy applications that can probably be seriously updated without re-inventing the wheel .

Competition in character development is really taking off of late.

Reallusion is starting to do some amazing things, along with Adobe, etc.

Iclone has a Character Creator tool that is almost complete.  You still have to use outside model tool for developing clothing, but mesh edits are already available, along with all manner of editiing and morphing.

Iclone is a bit tedious, but you can get very high quality characters using the Character Creator application now.

Characters and all the things that pertain to characters has been the promotional push by Daz3d.  A constant inflow of new characters, morphs, clothing,etc, etc. have been the driving force behind Daz3d sales.

IMO, I pretty well stopped buying characters and stuff after G3.  I do own some of the G3, but nothing like G and G2.  

I  am hoping Daz3d will jump onto the hexagon and make it better.  I think most current Daz3d users would be interested to buy an improved Hexagon


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  • DAZ_Steve said:

    One of the big questions seems to be around what the plans are (and if there are any updates to) Hexagon.  So let me chime in and answer that:

    We currently have a new version of Hexagon in private beta, and expect it to be public beta (including DIM installers) within a couple of weeks.  This new version has minor cosmetic updates and a lot of stability improvements.

    We also have updates planned for Q1 2018 including (but not limited to) 64 bit support.  

    We also have more ideas for 2018 (and the future) and plan for Hexagon to be a key and growing component of our free oferring to customers.

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