Need More Confroming Masks for Genesis

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I'm making a few super heros and I find the Mask props that go with the supersuit very limiting.
Of course I could just use the supersuit, but I don't need a whole bodysuit, just the head and neck parts. I've tried autofitting some cowls and mask from the Mil 4 and Mil 3 sets, but the it keeps taking the eyelashes into account turning it into a gumbled mess atop the eyes.

If there is a way to autofit a mask to Genesis without it trying to cover the eyelashes, Please let me know. Thanks.

Genesis still needs more masks, gloves and belts, though.


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    After autofitting, select the mask and go to the Parameters tab with "Show Hidden Items" enabled, look at currently used morphs and turn off the one from the eyebrows.

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