Looking for voting help from our Bryce friends

This time I'm asking early in the process.smiley

We've had a nice Carrara Challenge with 32 entries.  So, we are looking to get at least that many voters.

Voting has been made as simple as possible - pick your 4 favorite images.  That's it.

If you have the time, can you make that short journey here, and help us out once again?

Deeply appreciated!



  • HoroHoro Posts: 6,087

    Thanks for the invitation to vote UnifiedBrain. Not that it was easy ... I prepared it already yesterday but didn't want to be the first.

  • UnifiedBrainUnifiedBrain Posts: 1,828
    edited November 2017

    Thanks Horo!  I didn't want to go first either.smiley

    Off topic, but also thanks for helping out with sponsoring the last Challenge.  Among your many talents in Bryce, you make amazing HDRI's.yesyes

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  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,582
    edited November 2017

    Very nice works...well done Carrara'ers - made my four choices.


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  • It was not easy. many good works, but i made my choices.

  • HansmarHansmar Posts: 1,275

    Made my votes for this wonderful challenge.

  • Jamahoney, Drachenlord, Hansmar - many thanks!


    Sorry, I can't resist showing a render with a Horo HDRI. :)

  • JamahoneyJamahoney Posts: 1,582
    edited November 2017


    Don't know, but we Brycers are currently undergoing 'voting' options...thanks to APOC - whose efforts has revolutionised 'OUR' way of voting: individualised, membered contributors in a compitition are allowed to vote their best amongst ALL other member works submitted. So natural, and, forgive us, fair and unbiased options that you might choose - your voters/viewers might be interested.







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  • Hi Jay,

    I voted in the last Bryce contest, so I am generally familiar with the new process.  As you said, it is undoubtedly fair and unbiased.  But for me it felt a bit left-brained and anonymous.

    I like things a bit more messy.smiley

    I see a contest as a creative learning experience, at every stage.  In the Carrara Challenge, it starts with a host creating a theme which sparks the imagination.  It continues with others adding inspirational images and offering general encouragement.  At some point the individual artists begin to craft a render, and they get helpful feedback and advice if they seek it.  

    Last is the voting,  I think that it should also be part of the learning experience - and it is by way of the individul comments offered from each voter (if they choose to make comments, and most do).  These comments broaden my perspective by helping me see the art through another person's eyes.  

    But that's me.smiley


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