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    Thankyou for that.

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    So is there no upgrade path from previous version? Some where along the line I assumed that 8.5 would be an upgrade rather than a new product. I'm am well stuffed as I'm guessing the work I've done in the last few months will not be back compatible.

    I've invested a lot of cash in time in the software over the years and would really appreciate some kind of acknowledgement of my loyalty to the product.

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    Yes there is an upgrade path. If you put Carrara 8.5 in your cart and then progress to the full cart you should see that is has reduced the price by 50%, as long as you are logged in and do have the previous version in your history.

    This is showing as a PC member, non PC members will see a different price

    Edited to add thatt it is possible to reduce the upgrade price by actually buying a 3 month membership of the PC for $24 if you are not already a member, which reduses the upgrade price for C8.5 pro from $142.50 to $109.50. Also as you also get a monthly $6 coupon as a PC member, that can be used as well if you buy the membership first and then go back and buy the program. so you could then see a total of $103.50

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    Thanks for that - it worked fine and I've purchased the upgrade. Can I install it over the beta version or do I need to uninstall it before installing the full version?

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    Please see the release thread:

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