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Yeah, I guess I ought to drop a few delightful tidbits in here.

First up is the latest;

Genesis 3 Female with a custom body morph; despite her apparant youth, she's actually over the age of 21. I've got an interesting backstory for her that explains why this is, but I'm not going to tell it as yet.

Her skin materials are a combination of the Growing Up textures and Iray Uber material setting modifications, including the circuit eye textures from Pix Synx by Pixeluna.

Her jumper is something I've been working for a few days; the material settings are Iray Uber Leather.


ready for a fight.png
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  • Next up:


    Two slightly different versions of an updated body morph for the young woman in my first post. The morph itself is the same for both figures in this image; the difference is in the scaling. Can you tell which one is which?

    Which is the real Hive.png
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  • Nope but they are both lovely!

  • Thanks. smiley

  • This is the target face for the body morph above.

    Cute face.png
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  • Not quite there, yet, but surprisingly good so far.

    Not quite there 2.png
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    Head and body morphs pretty much done. Now for texture work, eyebrows and two sets of materials for her.


    aint she cute.png
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    A new image of the character I made. For this one, I wanted her to have a more normal appearance, so I used a combination of the materials from FWSA Elizabeth for Victoria 8 and the eye textures from the Growing Up for Genesis 3 Female Merchant Resource. The set is Kindred Arts Poseiden Station Iray with one additional emissive surface set as a "ghost light" for facial illumination. After seeing how she turned out, I do plan to do her as a Genesis 8 Female.


    1000 x 1300 - 2M
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  • Hive for G8F

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