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Has this ever happened to you?:
Your at your pc (mac, tablet, whatever) and suddenly you realize you have that 'I don't know what I'm doing today' face. So, you decide to try something new because, hey, "I've got thousands of items in My Library, Content, and Runtime Folders". You know that you downloaded that one thing last year, what was it? Doesn't matter, because you have DAZ Studio and it sees everything! You'll just run through the old Library until you locate it.
But wait, where is it? You can't for the life of you place it or think of what is was called, or where you got it.
Two very distinct possibilities:
Your looking at en empty folder with a name you don't recognize, because
The artist forgot to name the folder after the product name,
It's lurking in your Runtime, but you don't realize that, because
DAZ Studio can read and display those Runtime folder names but not what's in them because you forgot to (or didn't know you were supposed to) add the Runtime folder to your Content Manager.

Yes, it's in your Runtime! It was there all the time. But you're not going to see it today (and miss the chance at becoming the world's next Picasso, Rembrandt, or even a Stonemason) because your not thinking all that strategically today. Your in more of a tactical frame of mind.
And thanks to those neat, new changes that somebody comes up with at least once a year, Studio can find part of it, but not all of it, so it sits there for another year!

Although I don't myself, know how to go about it, probably because it's so simple, or because I happen to be in tactical mode myself today...

We NEED an ncon, maybe a simple image, but more helpfully a script or .duf, or .dsf... whatever (something for all of us to use regarless of the version of Studio we have), which can be pasted into all those dead-end folders, which tells us, and Studio, to look in the Runtime folder for this item.

An icon would be helpful, but something that actually switches over to the Runtime would be of more use.

Who's with me on this, come on, you know what I'm talking about... I hope. I can't be the only person on the planet that this has happened to.


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    The Search Hard Drive/s for content pretty much does this one. But be warned all content even in temp folders will be added to the Directory paths. It's in Content Library Tab> Mini Menu (four lines in corner)>

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    Too slow. I have two 2TB hard drives that it takes literally 22 and a half hours to thoroughly search.
    That's a long time to wait for a bit of inspiration.

    No, it has to bee something visual, and immediately out front. It can't be that hard to do, I am just not up to date with the programming software (heck, I'm not even sure which code it is) for DAZ Studio, and my scripting is at a juvenile level, to say the least.

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    I think it is called P3DO explorer, I had it once on my old laptop and it found all Poser content at least and I could then just drag and drop it into studio.
    I never kept it though as I used Carrara and that does not do drag and drop into existing scenes.

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    found it
    looks like it is much better now than the free version I had 4 years ago too!

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    I'll look for it, thanks. But, I still think an in-house bit of programming could do the trick.
    Something similar needs to be added to Carrara. That program does so much, but coming from Studio via Poser, it takes a lot of work to reprocess the how-to's.

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    Oh, yes, it is much improved!
    I just would like to see a bit more of the ruff edges knocked off, you know.

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