Kimberly Complete - no mac files?

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bought with Kimberly expressions. Kimberly expressions is presented with both file types, but not Kimberly Complete, I can see and download only win installers and no mac's ones. Rarely, but time to time I have to use this apple crap they call "computer", so, will there be available mac files for Kimberly Complete?

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    Try downloading the one that says DIM it is a regular zip file and you can manually place the files where you want :-). You do not need the DIM program for it to work. If you see a folder that says content then just double click on that folder and manually place the files that are in there where you usually install your content. Hope this helps a little and hope you could understand all that gobbly goo I just Have a wonderful day :-).

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    DIM file is 636 kb while the .exe installers are about 58 mb. I really doubt extracting this DIM file on a mac without internet would help.

    Edit: OK, got the idea, I had to look through individual products. But the mac installers would be more useful as zip files was not too good for Poser, for DS it is total mess.

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