How to conform OBJ onto Victoria 4 in Poser?

Does anybody know how to conform an .OBJ file onto Victoria 4 in Poser?

Also, how would I save an .OBJ file as a .cr2 file?


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    an obj file could be turned into a dynamic clothing prop,  but to make it conforming and into a CR2 it needs to be fully rigged.

  • So how can it be rigged?  And are there any tutorials on how to rig?

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    There is a tutorial by Lyrra over at the Hivewire store that I know of.  Using a google search could uncover more.

  • See the vid tute links I posted in this thread:

    Basically, all you really need to do in order to get a basic, rigged, object/clothing is to go into the Setup room and under available windows, make sure that your contents library window is displayed. Then, scroll down to the character (.CR2 figure file) that the article was created for, and it's important that it was created to conform to the figure in its "zero pose" and then double-click on that character. The Setup room will then ask you if you wish to apply this character's riggging and such. Answer positively and, boom, there it is. It will also ask you if you want to be regrouped. If it's not already grouped properly, then answer yes. Boom, there ya go. Exit out of the setup room and get back into your regular pose window. Load up the figure the clothing is now rigged for and then conform it to the figure. Then, go over some poses and such, move the figure around, move its limbs and see how well this "very basic default rigging" works. Then, open up the Joint Editor and go group-by-group, making the tweaks necessary to get it behaving well.


    That is very basic rigging in Poser. It'll work for basically anything that is modeled correctly for the figure in question. Later, you can learn more advanced rigging techniques and how to apply JCMs, morphs, and even extra bones or removing unnecessary ones. It's best to do the advanced stuff "all at once", though, so just preserve the original object, do the basic rigging for it to learn, then plan out how you want to rig it in a more advanced way, with whatever extra bones and groups you want, and which bones you don't want. (Don't need all those finger-bones, right? :) )

    TLDR - It's crazy-simple to do basic rigging in for conforming clothes in Poser. That's what it's made to do. More advanced rigging is very easy, too, but it just takes a bit of time to develop hands-on experience.

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