Products For Victoria/Michael 5 For Genesis Based On Existing Products For Victoria/Michael 4

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Okay, so I am a newbie to the 3D modelling world. Just a bit of background - In my day I have been an Aero Engineer, Businessman, Financial Industry systems architect (including datawarehousing) along with having done some screenwriting and comic book production (private runs of "fanzines") to feed my "artistic" side.

I am really impressed with the plethora of products out there for the Victoria 4 and Micheal 4 base models. However I see that the Victoria 5 and Michael 5 for Genesis models lack the same breadth of products. Take clothing by Pretty3D for instance. Really great mature stuff imho.

As I have been on something of a buying spree to kickstart a 3D illustrated/animated story, I bought a product called "V4 and M4 Shapes for Genesis" in the hope that this might allow me to tap into the Victoria 4 and Michael 4 products base.

Two questions.

1) I was wondering if there was any concerted effort among the artist community at large to migrate their products to the new Genesis base model?

2a) Is there a way to use the Victoria 4 products with the Victoria 5 for Genesis model ?
2b) What is needed if what I mentioned above is not enough?



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