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I'm still a newbie to Daz, so perhaps I'm missing something that's already there. However, I have the problem of running out of memory while rendering. Is there a renderer that works with cache instead of RAM?


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    Try rendering to disc. However, if you are running out of memory, and if you are using the 32 bit version, you may be stuck - can you use the 64 bit version, if you aren't already doing so?

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    I've tried rendering directly to disk, but the same renders that cause the memory crash render a blacked-out image. Is there perhaps a file type that's more stable for rendering with low memory? Should I use .png instead of .jpg?

    My Dell XPS is a few years old now. I think it's a 32-bit and using 2GB of RAM.

    Another workaround question - my video card has 8 GB. Is there a way to force Daz to use VRAM instead?

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    No, DS itself won't use RAM though if you use Reality (or Luxus, I think) and LuxRender you can use the GPU version of that - but it's different in effect, requires material adjustments in most cases, and may not help. I'm afraid 2GB is very tight - even on my old machine, which was new about six years ago, I had (and needed) 3GB, and realistically you probbaly need a 64bit system for anything remotely ambitious or complex. Having said that, it may be worth looking at the option of rendering to RIB and using the stand-alone version of 3Delight.

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    Under Render Settings, Advance, reduce the Bucket Size to absolute minimum. Additionally check how Virtual memory is set, some manufacturers set it to a fixed amount or percentage of the harddrive's size. I have always found it better to have it set to allow Windows to adjust as needed. Of course these are just suggestions, as Richard has pointed out, 2 GB isn't much memory to work with.

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    Interesting. I'm just starting to come to grips with Studio and learning it. It's been stable other than issues with third party products and occasional issues at render that I've wondered if they are memory related.

    Richard do you know if Studio fully advantages virtual memory. I'm working with 12 Gigs RAM which is often less than I like. I have my virtual memory set up to use multiple disks which works out great with PhotoShop, but I often wonder about other 3D software and if it's even seen.

    I've even gone to the extreme of using a flash drive for Ready Boost in Windows 7 64 bit. Likely not that helpful, but I push Vue Infinite so far I do whatever might help. I know ZBrush sees Ready Boost as actual RAM on 32 bit machines, so perhaps that would help those still using a 32 bit machine with Vista or above. Also an external hard drive partitioned to use the parts as virtual memory. Certainly could not hurt.

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    A 32 bit application on a 32 bit OS is going to be limited to about 3GB of usable RAM, at best. Some applications which have their own paging code may do better, but DS isn't one of them. I'm not sure how effectively the 64 bit versions of DS handle swap discs, they don't have their own code certainly.

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    One thing you might want to consider is use the free 3Delight Stand-alone render engine. It's Command User Interface-based, but it works and doesn't use nearly as much RAM.

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