Preference Missing

Many of software application producers along Help and Tools, provide the Preference option, which involves visibility of software windows on screen. Given Daz had poor font size and quality, poor color quality, and poor contrast between diffierent windows' components, adding a preference option somewhere in menubar to twick the appearace of windows is not only a cool idea, but a must-have one !


  • Are you asking how to implement that? If not this thread needs to be moved, the SDK forum is for discussions of plug-in development by coders.

    Window>Workspace>Style may help with some of the things you complain about, and on Windows DS will respect OS-level scaling. Is twick meant to be tweak? Window>Style>Customise Style will let you adjust component colours.

  • If C++ plugin then something like this... I don't think you should mess around with the Daz syle sheets though, possible crash!!!! Hope that helps..

        QFont myFont("Helvetica");

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