Shape Rigger Plus(Commercial)

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DiscoBob and myself are proud to announce Shape Rigger Plus. This project has been going on for some time in the background. It allows you to instantly rig, erc bake & freeze + save imported morphs (and existing ones) with one click and the script does all the tedious work for you.

Why is rigging important? If the figures rig bones do not match the figure shape or morph you will end up with bend issues and distortions when a pose is applied.

Use Case scenario.

Say you just imported like 30 morphs and need them rigged. Just select all of them, hit the Shape Rigger Plus script and it will rig, erc bake & freeze them one by one for you. This product is a godsend to me and has saved me so much time in saving morphs out properly.

This product is aimed at fellow content creators or users who like transferring/importing or editing morphs and need them rigged within no time.

This product is also compatible with all Generation Genesis figures. See it in action below.


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    Sounds wonderful.

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    Wow, sign me up

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    Don't suppose this works with new, non genesis figures does it? I'd LOVE something like the Mixamo autorigger for DS

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  • Zev0Zev0 Posts: 6,423

    Genesis skeleton structure only.

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    Zev0 said:

    Genesis skeleton structure only.

    That's good news in itself. I guess the DAZ Dragon 3, DAZ Big Cat 2, DAZ Horse 2 and such don't use the same general 'quadripedal bone rig'?

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    For now the focus is humanoid. We need to get that working properly before we think of any other aspect.

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  • nonesuch00nonesuch00 Posts: 14,899

    OK. Thanks,

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    Sounds very promising :)


  • MattymanxMattymanx Posts: 6,438

    wow, very cool

  • SickleYieldSickleYield Posts: 7,446

    This sounds incredible!  Definitely a must-buy for every PA who ever does morphs!

  • DarwinsMishapDarwinsMishap Posts: 3,991

    Right?  Awesome stuff.

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  • DkgooseDkgoose Posts: 1,451

    Can't wait, so it'll be released tomorrow right? ;) kidding, hopefully soon though 

  • WilmapWilmap Posts: 2,914

    Sounds interesting.

  • Ohh amazing.

  • nicsttnicstt Posts: 11,083

    Damn! Sign me up and take my cash.

  • LeanaLeana Posts: 8,402

    interesting product :)

  • RCDescheneRCDeschene Posts: 2,771

    This will make GenX substituting SOOO much easier! :D

  • Griffin AvidGriffin Avid Posts: 3,524

    I have some robots that are "humanoid" in shape but don't have a genesis foundational figure - meaning they don't take poses.

    - like....

    This guy


    Or this guy....

    Will your product help at all or have I, as usual,  misunderstood the scope of a pending release? lol

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    This product is designed to autorig added morphs to Genesis 1, 2, 3 and 8 only. It is not compatible\designed with rigging other external figures. That is an aspect that has to be added to studio itself. If we figure out a way to handle external figures we will explore that option.

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    Nice!!! Definitely keen for this one! 

  • dracorndracorn Posts: 2,301

    This sounds incredible!  Definitely a must-buy for every PA who ever does morphs!

    PA's an ambitious users as well!


  • 3Diva3Diva Posts: 11,009

    This is exciting! 

    Will this product help with rigging HUGE eye morphs? I'm finding that eyes don't want to behave properly if I morph them really large in ZBrush then try to import them as a morph. Will your Auto Rigger help with that issue? 

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    It will rig every morph as best as it can be possibly rigged. But this also comes down to how good the morph was constructed.

  • RAMWolffRAMWolff Posts: 9,647

    Nice idea, leaves me and the figures I work with out of the loop but I wish you good fortune in your endeavors

  • ArtiniArtini Posts: 6,069

    Sounds great - would like to see it in action.


  • Oso3DOso3D Posts: 14,344

    Does this do anything differently than doing the fit to shape/erc freeze/save by hand, or is it basically automating batches of morphs?

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    Automated, and makes sure when you rig only certain areas such as head, only the matching influence polygroups are only selected. There will be other features but they cannot be mentioned right now. So yes, if you doing one morph this product isn't really needed, but if you are doing a ton and do morph rigging frequently, well then, time is money:) Because of this product I am able to cut my production time in half:) Might not appeal to people who don't transfer morphs, but for those who do and do need to rig and hate doing it manually, then this is an awesome tool. I see lots of people who struggle with rigging, and this tool aims to make it a painless process.

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  • Would this be usfeul for morphs generated from FaceGen?

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