Anyone using Pepakura to “sculpt” real 3d models from Obj files? Best Poly reduction software?



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    Have any of you ever tried Decimator for D|S? I tried it really haphazardly during the short trial period when it came with a free version of D|S and it worked so well that I watched tirelessly for it to go on sale and bought it. Now it's mine forever and ever! But I haven't used it since. I really should consider it, since I'm nearing production time. Perhaps I could turn out some lower poly versions that cut some of that render time down.

    I'll have to try Meshlab and compare the two. But it sounds like a learning curve is involved, meaning that such experiments will have to wait. If any of you have already compared them, I'd love to here your thoughts.

  • DartanbeckDartanbeck Posts: 21,250
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    Wow. I just had a thought of paper mache (spelling?) models of my heroes and villain, and perhaps some terrain to diorama them on!
    Darn it Head Wax... you're always planting these thoughts in my head! Splendid teachings from Oz?

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    Hya Dartanbeck, meshlab for polyredyuction is pretty simple, just watch that video. It's only complicated if you ask yourself what all the other butt0ns and dials are! :)

    havn't used the ds one sorry.

    For the paper mache stuff? go for it! Ther's a whole industry of people out there making there own stuff from other people's models, and inventing different ways of doing it- me, i'm just heading down to the 2 dollar shop to buy some plaster tape to make a wabbit from , sometime in the next few weeks if I can :)

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