Just moved home and i have a big problem

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Almost two weeks ago i suffered the trauma of moving home. I was prepared but even so it was and remains a nightmare of stress and work. Into this mix has been added the fact that for some reason i can't get Daz to work properly, and i really need to use Daz as a stress reliever.
To my knowledge though it is possible my memory is faulty, everything was working reasonably well until the move, nor have i done anything except set up my computer in my new bomb site of a home.
At first i could get characters to load, but without textures, no idea why. I had a thought that maybe it was something to do with the content management, but i get lost when i think about such complexities. I do have a copy of a runtime from before my move, so i replaced the existing runtime with the old one, and managed to make matters worse. Now i have no idea what to do next, please help if you can.
I have included screen shots in the hop they may be of some help.
Thanks in advance
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    Is it possible the textures are in a runtime underneath one of your first two DAZ Studio Format content folders? If so, adding them as Poser-format also might allow them to be found.

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    Saving scenes to the Poser Runtime folder is a bad idea, but the problem is most likely to be that the \data folder from your original first DAZ Studio content directory is no longer available for some reason.

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    Runtime? Noob here, what is 'runtime'?
    Thank you.

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    HI Droppingin

    what is ‘runtime’?

    "Runtime" is the name of the main folder used by Poser to hold content files.

    It's simply a folder which contains other folders such as Geometries, Libraries, Textures etc,,
    It's much like the "My Library" folder structure used by Daz Studio.

    To address the main question..

    In Daz Studio 4,
    you can go to Content management area, and use the "Search hard drives for content" feature
    This may help you find the content you have installed

    Hope it helps

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    Thanks 3Dage, no wonder it made no sense to me. The name 'runtime' certainly sounds like a verb or action.

    I have to admit, although I am an engineer and have been a techie for too long, this 3d stuff is very convoluted.

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