Help with rigging (i think)

So, I like to make tribal/primitive-style clothing, but I am having some trouble with loincloths.  How do I make it so that the hanging part of the loincloth stays where it is and doesnt spread out with the legs, ruining the model? Thanks in advance for any assistance


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    This isn't really a question for the Hexagon forum because rigging meshes is done in other software.

    When bones are applied to a mesh, each bone has an effect on the vertices which exist nearby.  It sometimes happens that a bone will move vertices in a model that the creator didn't want it to move.  For example, moving a shoulder bone might cause the vertices of long hair to move also.  In your case the vertices of the loin-cloth are moving with the thigh bones.

    The answer is to look at the weight-painting tools of the software you are using to rig your mesh.  You should be able to 'paint out' the vertices of the loin-cloth from being influenced by the thigh bones.

    The way to do that isn't something I can answer unless you are using Carrara and any questions probably need to be asked elsewhere to have the best chance of being answered.  

    It would be nice to see some images of your work, however!

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    You may want to insert an extra bone for the loincloth crotch area so that some polygons do not bend with either thigh.  Doing this is software specific, as Marcus Severus pointed out.  Assuming that you are using Daz Studio, I suggest looking for bone tutorials by either Josh Darling (video) or SickleYield (some video, some text - the text ones on her Deviantart page).  An alternative to adding an extra bone or two is to use a dynamic cloth simulation plugin such as VWD.


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