Is it possible to easily Mirror a Morph?

Ok Here is the scenario.   Say I have Created a Morph for Genesis or(G2)or (G3) on the left side of the body (say a goose egg lump on the left forehead).

Is there an easy way to copy or transfer a mirror of that bump to the right side to import back to DAZ studio to create the right side morph? When I try to use the mirror like function in Hexagon it completely reverses the whole mesh+>> doesn't work to create a morph.


  • MurgatroydMurgatroyd Posts: 1,112

    I believe there's a relevant option in Morph Loader Pro, though I've never used it.

  • AlbiejeeAlbiejee Posts: 150

    Thanks,  I've been looking around for it but can't figure it out. 

    If anyone knows how to,  please let me know


  • MurgatroydMurgatroyd Posts: 1,112

    I just tested it on exactly the situation you describe. Here's the setting you want:

    489 x 451 - 124K
  • AlbiejeeAlbiejee Posts: 150

    Thanks so much!  I think that is going to do the trick!  this should save me a couple months of production...(I can only work on it a few hours a week)  I'll send you a free sample when I have it finished  :D

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