From shader mixer to C++?

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I built a "camera" in shader mixer and it does something that I want to accomplish in a plugin under control of C++ code.

It saves as a .dbc file, which is DAZ xml and that can be selected interactively as a "camera preset" and added to the scene [although it replaces all other cameras in the process :( ].

Does anyone know, is there a way I can load that XML as a camera from C++ code in a plugin? Or, is there some other way that I can save/compile/cook/whatever, that into a resource that can be loaded from C++?

Or, do I just need to somehow grind out the C++ code to build the equivalent brick network?




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    if by "built" you mean you wrote some RSL/RMAN code, then technically, you already have a Brick.

    If you want other people to use it, and/or you want it to show up on the Brick menu, (I belive) you would have to actually create a Brick. In C++... pretty easy I hear, and there is defnately an example in the SDK samples

    If you want to go further, and have your custom camera type availble in Studio, then you woud need to write a plugin. Again, SDK samples.

    Basically subclass Cameras, then in the render function spew out your RSL code.

    If you want people to be able to preview it in the Studio Viewport, you would also write the appropriate/related code into the Viewort functions. onDraw... I believe.

    I can add specific details and function names if you need, but likely I'd just say RTFM. :) The Studio Docs are quite remarkable after all, and more detailed than you are likely to find in any other SDK. That being said, once you have browsed them, there is definately room for additional information. I can tell you what it is since I have "worked" on Studio camera extensions - my issue being a fail on writing the associated RSL code, but sounds like you have that covered?

    ...and then we wait for dtamm to provide the "honest" details, and refutatations to my my wannabe babblings... ;)

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