Content Management Service log is showing "no appropriate license found "

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1) In dazstudio I cannot access the content database, it is like it is not there.

2) When I start Dazstudio it shuts if the Content Management Server.

First screen shot is the daz start log with its error highlighted. The second screenshot is the vlog from the Content Management Service.

I am trying very hard to use the DMI and leave the files where they are but I need some form of organization. Help please.

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    A couple of weeks ago I lost all Smart Content and saw that the CMS was shutting down as soon as I started Studio. I have no idea whether the cause was the same as yours, but in my case it appeared to be a corrupt database. I deleted the database file itself, allowed CMS to create a new empty one, and then re-imported all the content reference data from the Support folder. It might be worth giving that a go since it'll only take a couple of minutes to see whether it fixes things. I would keep a backup of your original database file though just in case!

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    oh thank you so much that seems to be working. I am using the DIM and I can't touch the actual folders to organize my content so I really needed this to work. I was about to pull my hair out =)

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    OK I officially give up. After more than an hour of working with the content manager (which is not very user friendly) I closed daz then reopened it and the categories are gone again.

    Categories used to be a great way to mix and match pieces or have all your v4 shoes resourced in one place while not having to actually copy files. But I have spent over 7 hours trying to get this to work and organized and I have work projects coming up. I don't have time to spend in an unreliable, unfriendly tool that won't work. Which mean that DIM is a great download tool for new purchases but I won't be able to use it for updates.

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    What AV are you running...if you are running a Norton product, they have been known to kill the process of the CMS, so you may want to check that. ZoneAlarm is another product that plays havoc with the CMS.

    Database corruption can be the cause of the CMS failing, but it could also be the symptom of the problem. If the database server is terminated unexpectedly, it can cause database corruption...

    The 'no valid license' bit in the log is not related to the problem you are having. Basically it means that the license that DAZ has/supplies does not allow certain features of the Valentina program to be used.

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    I have Norton 360 so if that is the problem then I may be stuck. If I can get it to work sometime down the road then that will be awesome but I miss my art and I need to start on a project. I thought using the DIM and this fresh install would be quick lol. With technology we get good and bad. Earlier I wanted to crawl into a cave with a candle and paper book.

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