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In the Daz>Studio3>Props>BuiltIn folder there is the lights, the one that says Omni. That looks really cool. Is there a way I can change that to what I want it to say? I see it is a png file, can I change it in Photoshop and still have the cool effect? I seen that I can take the plane light area and put my sign into it and still have have the light effect, REALLY cool. Wish I had seen that before I went through the trouble of putting a point light infront.

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    If it's the Omni light I think it is, then I'm sorry to say that it's a mesh and you'd need your own mesh if you wanted to have your own text. That being said, I have a modeling application which can do this extremely easily and quickly. If you want, I can create one for you and set it up for use in Daz Studio.

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