Daz Studio Freezing

Since yesterday my Daz Studio 4 has been CONSTANTLY freezing every three minutes or so which halts me from doing anything & I've restarted it countless times & defragmentized my computer & still NOTHING. Could anyone give me suggestions on what to do?


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    We will need a little more info to try and help.

    • What OS system are you running, ram , video card, etc?

    • Do you get a crash pop up message before DS freezes, runtime error, etc?

    • Does DS crash soon after opening it or after you start loading objects or load a saved scene?

    • What does the DS Log say?

    A freeze can be a lot of things, too large of a scene with not enough ram, bad saved scene file, outdated video drivers...

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    I found a solution. I had to update my Daz to 4.5.16 so now everything is straight but another problem poses - The shaders (ubershader, simple shader) & Uberenvironment2 are nowhere to be found after the update occurred. Do you know where it would be? Because I checked every category..

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